Mux Upload SDK

The Mux Upload SDK processes and uploads video files to Mux Video from a user's local device. It is part of a full-stack flow described in our guide, Upload Files Directly.

Once you have your direct upload URL, you can use it to upload a file using this SDK.

Initializing the SDK

This SDK must be initialized once with a Context before it can be used

// from your custom Application class, Activity, etc. The context isn't saved
MuxUploadSdk.initialize(appContext = this)

Starting a new upload

The MuxUpload class can be used to start a video upload and observe its progress.

  // Start a new upload
val upload = MuxUpload.Builder(myUploadUrl, myInputFile).build()
upload.setResultListener { /*...*/ }
upload.setProgressListener { /*...*/ }

Handling errors

The upload SDK handles transient errors according to a customizable retry policy. Fatal errors are reported by MuxUpload.setResultListener.

upload.setResultListener { result ->
if (!result.isSuccess) {
} else {

Resuming uploads after process death

Uploads managed by this SDK can be resumed after process death, or if network connectivity caused them to fail at some time in the past.

val upload = MuxUploadManager.findUploadByFile(myVideoFile)
upload.setResultListener { /*...*/ }


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